It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nope. It’s just Candy Corn Oreos *sweet!*

In classic Oreo style, a new flavor was introduced this week just in time for Halloween. No, it’s not pumpkin flavor, or even some type of candy bar and Oreo hybrid like “fun sized Snicker Oreo” or “party sized Kit-Kat Oreo”.

It’s candy corn.

Though it’s a bit anti-climactic and leaves folks wondering why, of all candy, they would pick the one most people rarely eat.

Candy corn is the Halloween candy that inevitably lands at the bottom of the trick-or-treat candy bag that no child ever eats, and evidently is popular in the elementary school classroom for arts and crafts projects.

It’s also the candy that always seems to be floating around by itself without a wrapper, perhaps getting warm in someones pocket or clammy is someones hand.

But, the cookie version is surprisingly not too bad.

They look distinctly different than a regular Oreo. The yellow and orange cream filling is between two vanilla cookies. When the package is first opened, the aroma of intense sweet vanilla is prevalent and mouth watering.

The cookie itself tastes less like candy corn and more like the sweet vanilla smell that escapes the bag when first opened, which is what saves this cookie from being disgusting.

Nabisco comes out with many speciality or limited edition products. With so many to

choose from it’s hard to try them all, especially if consumers are trying to hold on to a shred of a balanced diet in the process.

But these ones are a definite try. They’re available in Target stores for under five bucks.

So the next time you scoff at a loose candy corn at the bottom of your trick-or-treat candy bag, remember the Oreo imitations are much better.


The limitlesson here? It’s always fun to try out something new. I love Oreos, but I don’t ever buy them because I don’t want to over indulge. Instead, I scope them out at my friend’s or family’s houses and have one or two and call it a night. Unfortunately, their stash gets stale after a while because I’m the only one who eats em’! But, its okay to indulge. If you buy a box of these, share them with your friends and have a milk and Oreo party! 


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