Farmer’s Market Adventures ($20), Late October

If you love farmer’s markets, the best thing you can do is go to a variety of them. This week I went to the one in the Oak Park neighborhood in Sacramento. It’s a small, intimiate gathering. Nothing like the gigantic and rather hectic one in Downtown Sacramento. If you’ve never been to the one in downtown Sac, I’d liken it to any farmer’s market that happens in a large city. Lots of people, there’s a huge chance you’ll trip over a stroller, and tight parking spaces.

I like the one in Oak Park because of the small-town feel it has and the rich culture and diversity in the area. It reminds me of my hometown.

This week, I spent $20. A lot more than what I usually allow myself to spend, but I got a treat this time.


Brussels sprouts 1 lb. bag ($3.50) , plums 2.5 lb. bag ($5), and cherry tomatoes, 1 basket (1.50).

Brussels Sprouts, Plums, Cherry Tomatoes

I couldn’t resist the cherry tomatoes this week. They’re great on everything from salads, to an omelet or just eaten by itself. I’m a sucker for cherry tomatoes because it still has that tomato taste with a slight kick of sweetness.

The brussels sprouts were a must. There’s always a bag in my refrigerator. It’s great with steamed white rice and chicken for dinner.

When I buy fruit every week, I tend to go for lots of the same kind, and this time they were plums. It’s cheaper to buy in bulk in this case. This batch is really firm, so they’re great to put in a small plastic bag and throw into a backpack and head off for a busy day at school.


Spinach Bolani and artichoke spread from “Bolani East and West Gourmet Afghan Food” from Concord, CA.4 servings, $10 

Bolani is delicious, vegan Afgani food. I would recommend checking this out if you have not before. The artichoke  spread along with the spinach Bolani was great. There are many different kinds of Bolani, including pumpkin, and many different flavors of spread.


& Just for kicks, here’s my favorite brussels sprouts recipe, in the event you were looking for new ways to try it.

What you’ll need:

Brussels sprouts,  garlic, salt, pepper, olive oil, water

1. Wash your brussels sprouts and cut them in half. 

2. Bring water in a sauce pan to a boil and place them in the pan, flat side down. This will help the sprouts soften before you sauté them.  The amount of water you’ll need depends on how many brussels sprouts you make. I always measure by eye, but I make sure the water isn’t over flowing. If the sprouts are floating around the sauce pan, that’s too much water. You only need water to soften the brussels sprouts, not to cook them all the way.

3. After letting them soften, add two tablespoons of olive oil. Remember to add the oil before the water steams completely out. Otherwise, the oil hitting the small remnants of water in a hot sauce pan will cause the oil and water to start popping everywhere.

4. Add chopped garlic, salt, and pepper to taste. Let simmer until the flat side down is browed.

5. Flip each brussels sprout on it’s rounded side, let brown.

6. Remove from pan, enjoy.

To read an article I’ve written about the Oak Park farmers market, click here.

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