So, what’s a limitlesson? The idea came to me as I reflected on how much my life has changed in just one year. I moved away from my hometown at 21, transferred to a university from a small-town community college, and well, grew up.

Though it’s an exciting time when one goes “off to college”, it’s harder than it looks. I thought it would be easier for me, since I am a transfer student and I did it all at 21 and not 18. Not the case! You guys remember the song called “Boston” by Augustana right?

A recent picture of yours truly

A recent picture of yours truly

Where the guy moves to Boston to start a new life, where no one knows his name? That is the hardest thing to do!

Through it all, I learned a lot of limitlessons. They’re literally limitless lessons. After experiencing so many new things outside of the norm I once knew, I learned (and still learning) new ways to looking at life. Every moment is a possibility to learn a new thing about the world and ones self. Each moment has a plethora of possible things to take away from it. All lessons are limitless. I think our lives are comprised of the way we choose to look at them (or, experience them).

It’s something that I want to share from my perspective!

My perspective? I’m a regular girl from the SF Bay Area that recently moved out to Sacramento. I come from a muti-ethnic background and I’m passionate about writing, current events, and how to live a fruitful and enlightened existence (If you can’t already tell, I’m a Journalism & Women’s Studies double major).

Among the stuff I’ll be talking about? Cooking, technology, health, self acceptance,  beauty, apartment living, politics, relationships, and spirituality. Of course, I’m not the authority on any of these matters. But, I’ll be reflecting on them from the perspective of, well, myself.

I also frequent this blog with my original work, such a photographs. Please do not use my photos for any project without my permission first. It’s just a matter of courtesy.
Other media:

instagram @ nesvonpurrr

journalism portfolio @ vanessawalker.wordpress.com


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  1. Vanessa – You are a brave young lady, moving away from home at such an early age…YOU GO GIRL! I love your writing and I truly love that you are writing about your growing pains… Keep your head up and continue to excel. P.S. Thanks, for visiting my blog, I love writing and especially inspiring others through my writing, but one would know that from my about page. 🙂

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