It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nope. It’s just Candy Corn Oreos *sweet!*

In classic Oreo style, a new flavor was introduced this week just in time for Halloween. No, it’s not pumpkin flavor, or even some type of candy bar and Oreo hybrid like “fun sized Snicker Oreo” or “party sized Kit-Kat Oreo”. It’s candy corn. Though it’s a bit anti-climactic and leaves folks wondering why, of all […]

Farmer’s Market Adventures: Late August 2012, $16

          Going to the farmer’s market on Saturday mornings have become a ritual for me. I’m able to pick up the fruits and vegetables I’ll be eating for about two weeks on this one day. I make sure not to go over my $20 max and I end up leaving with […]

College Cooking 101: The Avomelet

I’ve learned a lot about cooking while being in college. Because I’m on a limited budget, I make sure that: A. I buy raw fruits, vegetables, and grains because it’s cheaper that way and I learn how to cut, cook, and prepare it. The lessons don’t end in the classroom folks. Plus, buying foods that […]

Farmer’s Market Adventures: Late July 2012, $13

Sometimes farmer’s markets can get a bad rap. I’ve heard people complain about how expensive organic produce can be. I remember taking a trip down to Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco a year and a half ago on a Saturday afternoon.While on my way back onto the ferry, I was lured into a small farmers […]